Controller Design

Ashdan is uniquely positioned to provide tailor made solutions where “off the shelf” type PLC controllers are either not available or do not offer the correct facilities to suit a specific application.

Our microprocessor based custom designed controllers are programmed in accordance with our clients needs and specifications, allowing for seamless and efficient operation when integrated with their specific equipment.

Micro Controllers

Electronic Timers

RTC Controller

PIC Micro Boards

Keypad Controller

MP3 Programmer

MP3 Digital Module

Pre-Designed Microcontrollers

We also offer a range of off the shelf microcontrollers boards. Our A-400 and A-600 high specification microcontrollers offer a wide range of functionality including many I/O ports with A/D and D/A compatibility. These controllers include such features as an onboard Real Time Clock, membrane keypad input ports and an LCD 2x16 output display port with controllable back light. The system can be upgraded to include motor/servo control, CAN bus control and network compatibility.

Additional features can be added according to client needs.